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Young Fish School of Restorative Drumming

For over twenty years Diana Young has been bringing restorative drumming to drug treatment centers, nonprofits and schools.  Would you like to sponsor Diana or are you interested in an internship? Reach out to learn more. 


How You Can Participate

Therapuetic Drumming

Diana Young leads a one hour class which brings energy exercises and drumming together. She uses Applied Kinesiology as a tool to show how energy is flowing. It is all about ENERGY that teaches the body new habits. Once learned, the energy exercises can be used at any time during the day for self-help and self-care. The drumming provides students with an opportunity to experience the joy and liberation drumming offers, as well as a chance for selfexpression and creativity. Drumming is calming yet energizing. Drums will be provided. Students will learn to drum on the Doumbek, the diverse folk drum of North Africa and the Middle East. We will also explore rhythms from West Africa and their primal roots. The opportunity for self-expression is offered. Energy exercises are threaded through out as needed. It is a time to tune into your vibration, your heart beat, learn multi-cultural rhythms and explore the inner depths of your creativity. Celebrate the day. No experience necessary.

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The power of drumming inspires and heals. 

Student Traning

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